Mastered Parallel Parking


Mr. Smith and his driving company are amazing! I came in apprehensive about driving and was very nervous during my first couple of lessons. I was able to gain confidence about driving from his lessons. I even took my test with Drive Again at the DMV and since then I've mastered parallel parking. I recommend Drive Again to everyone. 10 out of 10.

Amazing Driving School


Mr. Virgil took his time to teach me how to parallel park, reverse park, switch lanes, drive on the highway and more!! I would recommend this service to anyone. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to drive with the amazing drive again driving school!

Professional Instructor


The Instructor is very professional and he gives you all the tools to past the DDS Road Test.

Awesome Instructor


Mr. Virgil is an awesome instructor. He was very patient, understanding, and knowledgeable about how to be a safe defensive driver.

Very Knowledgeable


My instructor was very patient, professional and knowledgeable, would definitely recommend.

Professional and Patient


Mr. Smith was very professional and patient.  He did a great job!

Patient and Informative


Mr.Smith was very patient and informative. He taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test.

Enjoyed the experience!


Mr. Virgil explained everything throughly and proved to me I could drive.  I just needed to have a bit more confidence in myself.  I loved every bit of my experience with Virgil.  And hey, I got my driver's license.  What more can I say except thank you!



Professional staff, quality vehicles and well organized!

Recommend this Service!


Ms.  Joann took her time to teach me how to parallel park, reverse park, switch lanes, drive on the highway and more!! I would recommend this service to anyone. i am so thankful that I had the opportunity to drive with the amazing Drive Again Driving School!

Believed in Me!


"I love how he was patient and how he believed that I could do it and also how he kept pushing me until I got it right . I recommend DriveAgain to anybody who needs help getting their license and want to practice safe driving . Thank you Mr. Virgil.  You are the man!"

- Varonika

Recommends DriveAgain!


"My son took driving lessons with Virgil Smith and when he took his road test, he passed the first time. Vigil is very professional, prompt and patient. He taught my son well and I'm now comfortable with him driving me around. I refer Drive Again to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive. I feel that the money we invested in Drive Again was well worth it!

- Marva

No One Fails!


"A courteous man, very nice.  Extremely knowledgeable, he can teach like a pro. Taught me the mechanics of everything, including parallel parking like a pro. If you need to get your license, Virgil from DriveAgain is the best way to go. They will stay with you even through a couple failures like I had. I'm ecstatic to finally have my license and what I heard is true; "no one fails" with Virgil from DriveAgain!

- Brandon


Great Instructor!


"I really liked how helpful my instructor was! She stayed very calm during whole session, even when I messed up. She was also very kind and good at giving clear instructions. I was a very bad driver then after taking the three classes, I got a 93 on the road test!"

- Naomi

Patient Instructor!


"Very patient instructor who identified all the obstacles I have and worked on them specifically on those issues.  Its a course that not only helped me pass the driving test, but also helped me build good driving habits and techniques to cope with more demanding driving situations.

- Ching



"The experience was splendid!"

- Razia

Amazing Course!


“Great class all round to help me learn how to drive safe and smart! Mr. Smith went out of his way to teach me how to be a better and safer driver. I'm very thankful for this course!”

- Robyn

Excellent Class


“Very well presented with lots of positive information to make me a better and safer driver”

- Tyrone

Fantastic Course!


“I would like to take an opportunity to extend my thanks to instructor Mr. Smith for helping me gain my US driving license. Mr. Smith went over all the elements of the test and appropriate driving skills with me, and it never once felt like I was rushed for time. I received clear, excellent advice, instructions, and one on one practice. As a result, I was not only able to pass the road test, but I was also able to acquire some new skills that help me with my driving and parallel parking. More importantly, Coach Smith is genuinely wonderful, kind, patient person who truly went above and beyond what I could have hoped for in terms of support and help. I cannot speak highly enough about him and the level of assistance he provided overall. Furthermore, he was easy to communicate with and professional, and I had no problems with scheduling, and explaining what I needed. Mr. Smith is worth every dime and so much more, believe me.”

- Priyanka



“The classroom instructors and environment was very professional. I will refer some peers to this institution. I have enjoyed my time being informed with the course materials.”

- G Michael

Knowledgeable Instructors!


“The course instructors were very knowledgeable and delivered the material in a way that was very easy to comprehend. I was very glad that I made the decision to take this course at Drive Again.”



Awesome Instructors!


“Instructors were awesome! They gave me the knowledge and skills to go out and apply what I learned in class to my everyday lifestyle. The instructors were very nice and understanding. They are here to help not judge.”

- Tiffany


Pleasant Environment!


“The classroom environment is very pleasant. The instructors are very knowledgeable and pleasant, The instructors made the course material very understandable. I learned a great deal in Drive Again Driving School. Thank you! I would highly recommend this school to anyone in need of help.”

- Martina


Excellent guidance!


“I took behind the wheel training for 6 hours, and it was a great experience. And finally I got my license last week. I would recommend this school!”

- Manu 



Accommodating Instructor!


“I am very pleased with the school and defensive driving course. The instructor was highly accommodating and pleasant to work with. Furthermore the instructor was very engaging and did an excellent job at explaining traffic laws that I was not aware of. I would highly recommend this driving school to others.”






“I felt comfortable, relaxed and the instructors were very caring and easy to understand. The course passed by quick and easy, I had fun.”

- Don





“My instructor was very thorough, patient and professional. Class was very informative!”

- Natara



Patient Instructor


“What must I say about my instructor? He was very patient and understands my needs. He knows what is needed to get the job done. I was scared on the road but since I had lessons, I am more confident about my driving. My teacher was great!”

- Kerry Ann


Patience and Understanding


“I would give this place 10 stars!! I passed my driving test today and I am so happy! My instructor, Anthony is Great because he was extremely patient and understanding. I recommend this to anyone if you need help with driving! I am a really happy customer! Once I purchase a car I will definitely come back to take the Defensive Driving Course! They will definitely work around your schedule!”